A Guide to Pulse Points

A question we get asked regularly is “where can I apply my aromatherapy roll on?” 

The answer is; pulse points. 

But where are your pulse points and why should you apply it there?

Pulse points are places on the body where the blood is closest to the skin. 

By applying an aromatherapy blend here, you achieve the fastest absorption rate into the bloodstream, and therefore it is the quickest way to experience the benefits of the essential oils.

Our favourite pulse points and the ones we tend to first advise our clients on, are the temples, wrists and behind the ears - similar to the places you’d apply a perfume. 

Each one of our three signature blends are formulated to serve a particular purpose and elevate your state of mind, psyche and can be used as an anchor to take a moment to breathe, pause and re-set. 

Rise & Shine - for vitality & vibrancy. Best enjoyed on the temporal pulse points, applied to the third eye area (or acupressure point Yin Tang) or just under the nostrils to facilitate deep, easy, breathing.

Ebb & Flow - this is a nice one to apply near the abdominal aorta or anywhere on the stomach to help relieve pms, painful cramps and tension headaches. 

Moon & Stars - as well as the radial pulse points on the wrists, we love to apply moon & stars to the soles of our feet, and visualise our body relaxing from the toes upwards. 

Of course, you can apply your aromatherapy roll on wherever you’d like, not just pulse points. 

We love using the cool metal roller on the napes of our neck on a hot day to cool down, or where the collar bones join to the sternum (base of the throat) where there’s a spot almost perfectly made for the rollerball to glide. 

Our aroma rollers are compact and easy to carry with you, yet they possess a potent power to transform our psyche and state of mind. The perfect travel companion, handbag essential and letterbox gift. 

Our Aroma Roller Trio is the perfect way to experience our three signature blends and start exploring your pulse points. 

Shop our aroma roller range; to elevate & enhance your mood. For however you feel, wherever you are, whenever you need it.

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