Sensory pleasures for everyday living. Blended in Scotland

Enrich and nurture your entire being with hand crafted skincare, blended by aromatherapists in Scotland, using meticulously sourced natural ingredients.

Rise & Shine

For Vitality & Vibrancy

A reviving blend for starting afresh and inspiring creativity.


Moon & Stars

For Peace & Serenity

A relaxing blend for sleep, serenity and deepening intuition.


Ebb & Flow

For Balance & Harmony

A grounding blend for addressing disharmony and reinstating equilibrium.


Intuitive Healing

At the heart of àile is our work as holistic therapists. It informs and influences everything we create.

Intuitive healing draws on years of experience and uses various bodywork techniques, reiki and of course, aromatherapy. Gill honors the complexity and individuality of each person at each appointment with treatments that reach far beyond a classic Swedish or deep-tissue massage. Each session aims to improve your overall physical and emotional well-being by soothing the body, mind and soul.

For more information, availability, and bookings for holistic treatments with Gill at her studio in central Edinburgh, please click here.

  • Cruelty Free

  • Hand Made

  • Vegan