The Ritual: Aromatic Bathing

Taking a bath can be so much more than a way to clean off the dirt and debris from the day. 

The aromatic bath is a long-standing therapeutic ritual with roots in ancient India and Greece. 

“The Greeks viewed bathing as something one simply did to cleanse one's self before conducting business, after a day's work, or before taking part in philosophical discussions, or battle. As many as seven healers at one time would take a client into a bath with each healer taking responsibility for a specific area of the body. Each had a field of expertise such as knowledge of herbs, oils, gems, or colours and their services were more sought after than local physicians were.” -  excerpt from Water Changes Everything by Lynne Jenkins. 

Since antiquity and across practically all cultures and traditions, the art of bathing has been enjoyed around the world. From the hinoki wood baths in Japan to the flowers favoured in balinese bathing, from cleopatra’s milk and honey baths in Egypt to the invention of the roman bath houses here in the UK, bathing has been both a social and sensual pleasure and privilege; and a much-loved part of the human experience for a long time. 

Adding essential oils to the bath is one of the most effective ways to enjoy their potency and power. More aroma molecules are released from the essential oils in the bath than there are during a massage, thanks to the heat; much like how a scented sauna or steam room intensifies the aroma of an essential oil such as eucalyptus; favoured in spas. 

Soaking in the hot water softens the skin and allows the absorption of the essential oils more readily into the system. 

Our signature bath salt soak blends have been formulated to address the main concerns we see in our clients, and are well suited to three typical ‘moods’ we humans tend to experience. 

Each of our blends have a base of Epsom, Himalayan & Dead Sea salts, sun-infused calendula oil and French pink clay to transform your bath into a restorative ritual you want to repeat day in, day out. 

The use of mineral-rich salts and clay aids everything from stimulating circulation to easing stiffness and aches and pains, as well as supporting the detoxification process of the largest organ in the body - the skin! 

The Ritual: Aromatic Bathing

  1. Fill your bathtub with hot water in preparation for taking a bath; adding one or two cupfuls of bath salt soak. 

  2. Dim the lights, play your favourite ambient tunes or listen to a guided meditation as you soak in the tub for at least 20 minutes for optimum benefit. 

  3. Stay hydrated with plenty of water (infuse it with cucumber or mint & lemon for that spa experience) or your choice of herbal tea such as lemon balm, chamomile or peppermint. 

Which bath soak blend do you need right now? 

You’re feeling : foggy and fatigued

Rise & Shine is our reviving bath soak for starting afresh, with grapefruit, petitgrain & rosemary to stimulate the senses, support the body's natural detoxification process and profoundly purify and refresh both body and mind.

For times when you feel depleted or drained and need a bit of pep in your step, during a busy or demanding work schedule, after lots of physical activity or perhaps when you’ve overdone it a little the night before and have a hint of a hangover. 

You’re feeling : anxious, and over-or-under-whelmed with life

Ebb & Flow is our grounding bath soak for addressing disharmony and reinstating equilibrium with geranium, marjoram & clary sage to provide a comforting synergy to forget your frustrations and wash your worries away. 

For times when you feel a bit topsy turvy, upside down and inside out, perhaps you’re irritable and easily annoyed, maybe a little tearful. When life feels like too much or when nothing feels like much. Ebb & Flow helps you ride the waves. 

You seek deep, restful, sleep

Moon & Stars is our sedating soak for sweet dreams. Frankincense, jasmine & rose form a sensual and soothing synergy to lull you into a peaceful slumber and seduce the subsconscious. 

For evenings when you just want to switch off, unwind, recharge and recuperate from head to toe. It’s also a great choice for those interested in exploring their inner realm; connecting or reconnecting with intuition, inner desires and turning dreams into realities. 

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