àile: introducing our 3 Signature Blends

As aromatherapists working in London and Edinburgh, we see clients for a variety of reasons, across all ages, with different lifestyles, skin types and stress levels. 

We spent two years creating our signature range, in order to address the typical concerns we encounter daily and to address the principal things we strive to support our clients with. 


We all need a bit of help in the ‘zest for life’ department sometimes. Whether it’s seasonal blues, getting out of bed in the morning, a caffeine-free pick me up at your desk or a dose of perseverance in a creative pursuit, this blend brings good vibes, a positive outlook and a can-do attitude. It’s also a favourite with busy bee’s, jet setters & night owls, thanks to its magical melody of immune defending, mood elevating and cognitive supporting ingredients to revitalise and refresh even the foggiest of heads. 

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Let’s face it, stress is a part of modern living for all of us, with women experiencing a markedly greater prevalence of anxiety, partly due to the distinct epochs of hormonal function in the female lifespan; from the start of our menstrual cycle to premenstruum, pregnancy and post partum for some women, and peri-menopause and menopause. This is our blend for re-setting the scales, bringing harmony to the havoc; peace to the pandemonium of physical, mental and emotional realms; when anxiety and overwhelm take over. 

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Lots of people we meet struggle with sleep, yet hate the scent of lavender. This is precisely why our Moon & Stars range contains absolutely no lavender. We’ve focused on the unsung heroes of the sedating and soothing variety. In addition to those who struggle to achieve deep sleep or switch off from the day, we found this blend to be a favourite with clients who are on a journey to connect or reconnect with their intuition or on a quest to make their dreams a reality. Allow this sensual and somnolent blend to lull you into a peaceful slumber and connect with your highest good. 

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