àile holistic is the co-creation of two friends and two aromatherapists; Abi & Gill.

With years of study, wholehearted commitment and a deep appreciation for the potent and powerful plants we work with, our formulations were created to address the typical concerns we encounter daily and to address the principal things we strive to support our clients with.

The products are just the beginning of àile and it is our mission to give as many people as possible the chance to feel present in their skin and content in who they are; through sensory and olfactive experiences that spark intrigue, foster connection and create a sense of involvement and empowerment in what wellbeing means to each of us as individuals. 

With respect for humans and plants alike, we use meticulously sourced, 100% natural ingredients that are organic whenever possible. Our products are blended by hand in small batches in Scotland, free from synthetic substances, parabens and petroleum, never tested on animals.

As aromatherapists, essential oils are the most precious and potent ingredients in our professional toolkit and within our range of products. Essential oils can be considered the life force; the higher consciousness ; the ‘soul’ of a plant.

Plants have their own unique frequencies and subtle energies that keep them in harmony with the rest of nature. In turn, essential oils interact with human frequencies and seek to reinstate harmony where there is an imbalance or issue of concern.

àile formulations treat the body and mind together holistically. All of our signature blends have a synergistic combination of ingredients to interact with the body's own chemistry and alter the physical, mental and emotional state by supporting you in three ways;

PHARMACOLOGICALLY - As the chemicals in the essential oils enter into your blood, they interact with the chemistry of your body.

PHYSIOLOGICALLY - Essential oils can alter the chemical communication that goes on inside your body and as a result, change the way the systems of the body functions are working.

PSYCHOLOGICALLY - You encounter a unique olfactory response. Your sense of smell is linked to the part of your brain that stores and processes your memories and emotions; meaning no one else can smell what you smell and feel exactly the same way as you do.